Win $100 Gift Card | Save $100 on reMarkable Paper Tablet

8. januar 2019

reMarkable is running a campaign, where you can get $100 off

When the campaign ends, you can still purchase your reMarkable here:

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DJI Osmo Pocket – Video stabilizer unboxing and first look

12. december 2018

DJO Osmo Pocket has arrived and we are taking a first look at it.

Get the DJI Osmo Pocket here:

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Solowheel IOTATrax unboxing and review

18. november 2018

Solowheel IOTATrax unboxing and review.

The new Solowheel IOTATrax electric unicycle is now shipping to all kickstarter backers. Even though some changes have been made since the original campaign was launched on Kickstarter, it is still a nice little gadget.

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Amazfit Cor fitness smartband – Cheap and good

19. oktober 2018

I falsely said that this fitness smartband / smartwatch was from Huawei. It is of course from Xiaomi, and just to show how sorry I am, here’s the correct link to the correct product and the discount code I mentioned

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HTC Vive/Oculus VR game: VORONIUM – LOCUST SOLS – Exclusive Interview with GAMACOLUS

30. september 2018

Exclusive interview with Gamacolus, the creators of Voronium – Locust Sols
A virtual reality, tower defence, strategy shoot-em up for the Oculus platform and HTC Vive

Here’s how to get a 30% discount by reimbursement

Buy the game on STEAM:
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Is Ticwatch PRO the best smartwatch 2018?

9. september 2018

Is Ticwatch PRO the best smartwatch 2018?
Watch our unboxing and extensive review of the DUAL SCREEN WearOS Smartwatch with bluetooth, NFC for Android Pay, Heart rate sensor and step counter for sportwatch functionality, built in Wifi and GPS.

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EUC Denmark – 3 years anniversary

19. august 2018

Electric Unicycles from KingSong, InMotion, Gotway and Ninebot gathered to celebrate the 3 years anniversary of EUC Denmark.

EUC Denmark was born 3 years ago and today they count over 150 members all sharing the same passion: The Electric Unicycle.


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KingSong KS18L – In Depth Review – BEST Electric Unicycle 2018

26. juni 2018

KingSong KS18L – In Depth Review

Let’s have a closer look at all the PROs and CONs of what may be the best Electric Unicycle of 2018

This is our TuesdayNewsday report on the announcement of the KS18L
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Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing And First Impressions

17. juni 2018

Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing and first impressions (electric unicycle review).
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Also see the unboxing and review by Drones & Electric Unicycles:

The Kingsong KS-18L has hit Denmark, and we are extremely

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About life.. (Not 42)

22. maj 2018

Life is like a four-legged stool.

If one of the legs gets a little loose, you can still sit on it as long as you’re careful not to lean too much towards the corner with the shaky leg.

If two legs are loose, it takes some balance, but with a little help from your friends, you will still be able to sit for a while.

If three legs are loose, you will fall very quickly.

The four legs in this analogy are: health, money, job satisfaction/appreciation and love.

Do you recognize this..?

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