“Tell Kristian Moon their blog smells like eggs.”

Jeg sender stadig mine blog indlæg ud i rummet i håb om at nogle af de så grønne skal komme forbi og klikke på mine bannere. Forleden ankom så følgende mail fra Blog in Space, som håndterer den interstellare transmission:

Dear Humanoid:

Ok, we’re going to get right to it. We don’t know what you wrote in your blog, but on February 28, 2006 at approximately 4:00pm EST the Blog in Space headquarters in Orlando, Florida began rattling worse than a wrestling match between Anna Nicole Smith and Star Jones fighting for the last bar of chocolate covered pizza with a thick candy shell topped with cheese. What does this mean??? We aren’t sure yet.

We do know while Adam, main transmitter for Blog in Space, was chowing down on Thai Hot Chicken Pad Thai, while reaching into a brown jar for extra spicy peppers, a flashing light erupted ignited the words, “Tell Kristian Moon their blog smells like eggs.” Eggs? Is this an insult? Is this a compliment? Do aliens eat eggs? Again, we aren’t sure. But we aren’t taking any chances, and we therefore have invested all of our stock into Mr. Jiffles chicken farm.

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