Youtube can green screen without a green screen || TuesdayNewsday ep.09

Youtube can green screen without a green screen.

Google is testing a new AI tool that can replace your background on video without using the traditional green screens. Here’s the story!

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The new AI technology, which Google calls Mobile Real-Time Video Segmentation, is only available to a few select beta testers who have access to YouTube Stories.
And yes, if you think the name sounds like Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories, it’s probably not a coincidence

The new story format only exists in a beta version of the mobile app, and as mentioned, only for a limited set of youtube creators.
I haven’t been fortunate enough to spot it in the wild, but if you have seen anyone use it, please drop a link in the description below.

From the previews Google released, it looks quite impressive, but there still is a little halo around the subject as you can see right here.
There’s no doubt that this technology will evolve, and probably reach near perfection before it is released to the broad public.

Google also has plans to bring this technology to other platforms, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this directly implemented into google’s pixel phones as well.

The next concern is of course, what will happen when this technology becomes widely available?
We can see how deepfakes are being used to put celebrity faces on not so safe for work “actresses” doing their not so safe for work “acting” and knowing how people tend to find alternative uses for technology, it would be a safe bet, that this would happen to Real-Time Video Segmentation as well
– someone might even use this to put a man on the moon

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