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HTC Vive/Oculus VR game: VORONIUM – LOCUST SOLS – Exclusive Interview with GAMACOLUS

30. september 2018

Exclusive interview with Gamacolus, the creators of Voronium – Locust Sols
A virtual reality, tower defence, strategy shoot-em up for the Oculus platform and HTC Vive

Here’s how to get a 30% discount by reimbursement

Buy the game on STEAM:
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Is Ticwatch PRO the best smartwatch 2018?

9. september 2018

Is Ticwatch PRO the best smartwatch 2018?
Watch our unboxing and extensive review of the DUAL SCREEN WearOS Smartwatch with bluetooth, NFC for Android Pay, Heart rate sensor and step counter for sportwatch functionality, built in Wifi and GPS.

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EUC Denmark – 3 years anniversary

19. august 2018

Electric Unicycles from KingSong, InMotion, Gotway and Ninebot gathered to celebrate the 3 years anniversary of EUC Denmark.

EUC Denmark was born 3 years ago and today they count over 150 members all sharing the same passion: The Electric Unicycle.


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KingSong KS18L – In Depth Review – BEST Electric Unicycle 2018

26. juni 2018

KingSong KS18L – In Depth Review

Let’s have a closer look at all the PROs and CONs of what may be the best Electric Unicycle of 2018

This is our TuesdayNewsday report on the announcement of the KS18L
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Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing And First Impressions

17. juni 2018

Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing and first impressions (electric unicycle review).
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Also see the unboxing and review by Drones & Electric Unicycles:

The Kingsong KS-18L has hit Denmark, and we are extremely

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What no-one said about Google Duplex

20. maj 2018

This video is about What no one said about Google Duplex
Watch it to the end to see my take on this.

When Google demonstrated the capabilities of their Duplex, everybody had the same comments – but there was one comment that

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Are you the Winner of our $50 Amazon Gift Card?

14. maj 2018

We are drawing the luck winner from our giveaway. Someone will receive the lucky email, a $50 Amazon Gift card and the chance be be a guest unboxer here on Mr. Unbox!

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Samsung Galaxy J2PRO No internet {TuesdayNewsday Ep.14}

17. april 2018

Samsung Galaxy J2PRO No internet “smartphone” turns out to be potentially free for South Korean students.

The winner will choose an Amazon Store to get the gift card delivered from. The value of

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Gadget Gift Card Giveaway

14. april 2018

Gadget Gift Card Giveaway

Enter the competition here

The winner will choose an Amazon Store to get the gift card delivered from. The value of the prize will be issued from, or with a value of

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BEST Kickstarter 4K vlogging camera with GIMBAL [TuesdayNewsday ep.13]

10. april 2018

The best vlogging camera with gimbal is now live on Kickstarter.

IDOL CAM is now live on Kickstarter. It’s a camera delveloped specifically for vloggers, who need stable shots, maximum flexibility and a wealth of features in highest resolution.

Check out
<a href=""

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