Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing And First Impressions

17. juni 2018

Kingsong KS-18L Unboxing and first impressions (electric unicycle review).
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Also see the unboxing and review by Drones & Electric Unicycles:

The Kingsong KS-18L has hit Denmark, and we are extremely

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About life.. (Not 42)

22. maj 2018

Life is like a four-legged stool.

If one of the legs gets a little loose, you can still sit on it as long as you’re careful not to lean too much towards the corner with the shaky leg.

If two legs are loose, it takes some balance, but with a little help from your friends, you will still be able to sit for a while.

If three legs are loose, you will fall very quickly.

The four legs in this analogy are: health, money, job satisfaction/appreciation and love.

Do you recognize this..?

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What no-one said about Google Duplex

20. maj 2018

This video is about What no one said about Google Duplex
Watch it to the end to see my take on this.

When Google demonstrated the capabilities of their Duplex, everybody had the same comments – but there was one comment that

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People selling mirrors

17. maj 2018

These are screenshots from the Danish site DBA, where people sell all their second-hand junk.
It’s apparently really hard to take a picture of a mirror without getting yourself in the shot, so that makes finding these gems a sweet, sweet hobby…

Oh, and then there is the occasional: Totally unused mirror for sale.
How can a mirror be unused..? Think about that one…


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Are you the Winner of our $50 Amazon Gift Card?

14. maj 2018

We are drawing the luck winner from our giveaway. Someone will receive the lucky email, a $50 Amazon Gift card and the chance be be a guest unboxer here on Mr. Unbox!

—- ooo —–


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Samsung Galaxy J2PRO No internet {TuesdayNewsday Ep.14}

17. april 2018

Samsung Galaxy J2PRO No internet “smartphone” turns out to be potentially free for South Korean students.

The winner will choose an Amazon Store to get the gift card delivered from. The value of

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Gadget Gift Card Giveaway

14. april 2018

Gadget Gift Card Giveaway

Enter the competition here

The winner will choose an Amazon Store to get the gift card delivered from. The value of the prize will be issued from, or with a value of

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BEST Kickstarter 4K vlogging camera with GIMBAL [TuesdayNewsday ep.13]

10. april 2018

The best vlogging camera with gimbal is now live on Kickstarter.

IDOL CAM is now live on Kickstarter. It’s a camera delveloped specifically for vloggers, who need stable shots, maximum flexibility and a wealth of features in highest resolution.

Check out
<a href=""

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reMarkable Paper Tablet reVisited – Long Term Review

7. april 2018

I have been using my reMarkable for a while now, so I decided to tell you about my experiences with it.

First of all, one of my original conclusions was that this reMarkable Paper tablet was very much on the expensive

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Make better Youtube Thumbnails – 3 Steps To Winning the Thumbnail War

31. marts 2018

In this video I mention the AIDA model, but if you look into it, you should really explore the updated AIDA(S) model, where the S stands for Satisfaction.

This is where your content come into play. After setting the expectations through your title and thumbnail, the video itself needs to fulfill these expectations. That’s why you would never want to use clickbait to lure in viewers. If you make false expectations, your viewers will never return. It will be a hit and run and the most you can expect is a “thumbs down”.

By remembering the Satisfaction part, you ensure that your Thumbs don’t make false promises. And if you manage to give the viewers satisfaction by fulfilling the promises you made through the thumbnail, the chance of gaining a new subscriber is a lot higher.

Music in the video:
seachange by airtone (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.

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