KingSong announces: KingSong KS 18L Electric Unicycle ready for preorder || TuesdayNewsday ep.04

KingSong has started taking preorders for their soon to be released KS-18L – an 18″ wheel sharing the design language of their popular KS16 and KS14 series.

Electric Unicycle maker KingSong is now taking preorders for their upcoming KS 18L
and from the looks and specifications this will be an 18″ one-wheel monster machine.

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The KS 18L comes with a 1036 WH batteri. Usually KingSong uses only top quality batteries from premium brands like LG or Samsung, and i expect it to be the same for this one.

For a massive battery like this, charging time is estimated to 7 hrs, but King Song has included an option to cut this time in half, by adding an extra charge port.
2 chargers, 3,5 hours to full charge

The mileage on KS18L is around 105 KM. This of course depends on the rider’s weight, the terrain, wind and temperature, and general riding style, but to compare the KS16 with 640Wh battery that I currently own, gives me more than 50km mileage, so while the KS18L does not hold double the power, I trust that power consumption has been optimised to a degree where 105 KM is not impossible

The top speed for this monster is 40 km/h, but after riding 200 km on it, you will be able to increase the speed to 50 km/h
This is a safety measure to prevent too many beginners from killing themselves, which would result in a very bad reputation for both king song and electric unicycles in general.
From the factory it will be set to a 25 km/h speed limit, but that can easily be raised to 40 from the app

The motor in an electric unicycle is the key part to safety. A cheap, underpowered unicycle will cut out while accelerating or braking, Initial rumours said the the KS18L would come with a 1500 watt motor, but from the official specifications we can now see that KS 18L has 2000 watt rated power capable of peaking up to 4000 watts, and this ensures that there is always enough power in reserve when needed.

It’s like a car. You want as much power as possible even though you will never get to use it. Power and accelleration are key elements of safety. And unlike so many other electric unicycle makers King Song actually takes active steps to ensuring the ride’s safety.

To be honest, there are only 5 or 6 serious brands out there, and it is turning into a religious war between their followers like android vs iOS, pepsi vs coke and so on.

Personally I prefer the safety and brilliant design that King Song offers over the raw, untamed power you get from a Gotway or Rockwheel who clearly put speed over safety.
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