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Tuesday News Day ep2

It’s Tuesday Newsday on Mr Unbox and if you don’t know what that means, let me give you a hint

Today we’ll take a look at the remote controlled PowerDolphin from PowerVision, that can shoot 4K video underwater

The Seven Dreamers’ Laundroid that folds up your clean laundry so you don’t have to?

And we’re giving you a reason to stare into the Wall – A giant MicroLED TV from Samsung.

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PowerVision – the company behind the PowerEgg – one of the weirdest looking drones on the market and the PowerRay – a remote controlled, scuba diving camera equipped submarine has announced the newest product in their lineup – the PowerDolphin.
PowerDolphin rides on top of the water and has a camera that can shoot in 4K 30 fps both above and under the water.

I don’t mind doing house hold chores, but sometimes it would be nice to have a few tools that could do all the boring stuff
And in comes the Laundroid Foldimate – a machine that can fold up all your freshly laundered clothes for you. You just put it in the top of the machine and get perfectly folded clothes out from the bottom.
It does take 5-10 minutes to fold just one t-shirt and you have to load it manually – one by one.

Samsung is flexing their muscles with their newly announced microLED TV
Not only is the new MicroLED technology a guarantee for a high resolution screen with perfectly crisp colours and deep blacks, the TV is a whopping 146 inches diagonally.
Putting that into perspective this TV is bigger than a king size bed.
You could park a mercedes B-class on top of it, and still have room to spare.
This screen is absolutely huge! – and it’s not even their biggest screen ever. Last year they showed off a 170 inches TV build on the same modular concept but with old panels instead of Micro LED panels

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